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News : July 2021


News : May 2021

The Isle of Man banners painted for the UK Festival of Silk 2013 were consolidated and painted onto one banner by the same artists  for the UK’s Festival by the Sea in 2019.  The banner will now once again be on display at “The Freedom Festival of Silk” being held in Newport, Shropshire in September 2021


News : May 2021

The Programme page has been updated with additional workshops now confirmed for the remainder of the year

News : Winter 2020

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News : Winter 2020

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News : August 2020

Finally we are able to plan a programme for next year !!

We have had to change our days at the Manx Museum Seminar Rooms to Mondays and Tuesdays commencing with our October 12th and 13th workshop in the Seminar Room. I will be bringing scarves for us to work Japanese Shibori patterns on. Also for those interested we will demo Shibori silk to cover lampshades. Rainbow Silks have a lampshade kit £9.99 and I will order for those of you interested.

Janis Moss, Linda Gilpin and I are going to Guernsey in September for 3 days to join in a workshop with the Guernsey Silk Painters Group doing a batik workshop with hot and cold wax. We will follow the lines of this workshop in February at the Manx Museum. The Guernsey group have just celebrated 30 years! They are organising an afternoon tea for us bringing in pieces of work – ideas and techniques to discuss .

We will start the New Year off with a day at the Isle of Man Art Society – Saturday 16th January – Garment painting and cutting out patterns for simple tops. It will be a busy day and we hope to have 2 microwaves on the go! The Wearable Art event was scheduled for 2021 but has not yet been confirmed . We should know by January whether it will go ahead or not . We will hopefully have something in mind at this workshop! Keep an eye out in the Charity shops for any plain silk garments that we could creatively work on!

Following our August workshop when Ann showed us her delightful patchwork silk panel created out of her throw out pieces of painted silk – we decided to put this on the programme – March 27th at Thie Ellyn. We will come armed with throw out painting pieces of silk and have fun creating our own picture panels !!

We have covered every month in the programme – including May next year – which we usually avoid because of TT . I will have open house here at Ballacottier in Andreas playing with inktense blocks and paints on silk. The 3 of us going to Guernsey are planning on taking the inktense travel boxes with us and experimenting with them for a spot of outside painting !

All dates have been confirmed with the Museum and Isle of Man Art Society through to October 2021. However, as you will see from the Programme we have left open as to what we do from August. We cannot be certain as to how things will pan out next year and whether there will be a Festival - in Scotland – a UK AGM with workshops etc. We will wait and see before planning these months. In the meantime – we look forward to our silk painting time on the Isle of Man!

News : August 2019

We have enjoyed a busy exciting  Summer.  The highlight of course –  being “Beside the Sea” with everyone at Southend for the UK’s Guild Festival.  We so enjoyed our time and have come back to the Island full of ideas for our 2020 programme. Everyone was impressed with Janis Moss’s design created at Patrick Moriarty’s workshop – so much so that we plan on asking him over for a weekend next year so we can all have a go at transforming our silk into an eye-catching  textile print.   The  Seascape workshop I did with Anethia Sellars was great fun and won the Mannin Art Exhibition’s  “Favourite Painting” award.

Also good news for our Group banner at the Festival - it is to be produced for cards and tea towels.  July has been full of Summer Festivals on the Island. Carol Tuson who put together the gown  of our throw out silks for the Wearable Art show has been parading and displaying and  won 1st prize at our Southern Show for Art & Craft.  



"Cinders shall go to the Ball”   Isle of Man Silk Guild entry in the 2019 “Wearable Art” show

model – Linda Gilpin

Designed and put together from members hand painted silk throw outs by Carol Tuson.



News : January 2019 Newsletter

Download the January Newsletter.

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